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Top 5 | Things To Binge When You're Lazy

Top 5 | Things To Binge When You're Lazy

Happy 4th of July kiddies! Yea yea, I know… I’m not even American, but I’m just embracing it anyways ;) Thought this would be an appropriate post considering some of us may not be feeling too hot by the end of this weekend! Let’s get into it…

Thank god for streaming services cause cable is a pain! Especially when your dog chews the remote and you can’t change the channels…thankfully with a smart TV there’s an app for that. So, what are we watching these days you ask? Here are some of my faves to binge on lately…

5. Grace and Frankie

A super cute, light-hearted comedy that really sucks you in. Good for when you can’t focus on 45 minute episodes!

4. Imposters

This one took a couple of episodes to get me interested but when you’re in you’re in. Enticing, sexy, mysterious. It keeps you coming back for more. You’ll be sad when you get to the end!

3. Dynasty

A Gossip Girl meets Dexter type of show. Takes a few episodes to really get into it, but if you can it’s a great one if you don’t want to watch GG re-runs and eat donuts all day.

2. Schitt’s Creek

HILARIOUS. Just perfect. Light-hearted, so so funny and just makes you want more. Love love love. A great one to watch when you want to unwind and not think, but still has such great lines that just kill your abs from laughing!

1. Lucifer

OBSESSED. Binged through the most recent season in a few days and was thoroughly disappointed when I realized I was done and had nothing left to watch. It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s just plain great! Highly recommend!

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the show!!

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