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Tips & Tricks | Getting A Healthy Summer Glow

Tips & Tricks | Getting A Healthy Summer Glow

Girl, get yourself some self-tanner…

summer tan

Hello, ladies (and gentlemen)!

Let’s talk about that GLOW-UP life. Summer is here and we all wanna look good. Now whether or not you put yourself on track for “ab town” during your new years resolution making days, I’m here to share some tips and tricks on getting that glow from within and out that any of you can use. Let’s get into it…

  1. WATER! Helllloooo people this isn’t new news. Water is so so so important for literally everything, and if you want nice beautiful glowing skin, you need to hydrate. So go ahead and CHUG.

  2. Getting a little self-tanner on your uber white spots wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I really like St. Tropez Natural Glow. It’s just a nice shine with a tint instead of that orange color. It’s a good daily one that keeps you looking hella dewy.

  3. Get enough sleep! Sleep is super important, and without it you will have sad, tired looking skin with bags under your eyes on top of that. So sleep, get on that sh*t!

  4. Facial mist. A good rose water, maybe one you even keep nice and cold in the fridge, will be super refreshing and give you that fresh faced glowy look.

  5. Eat your water. Eating super water filled fruits and veg; think watermelon, pineapple, cucumbers will all help to get you hydrated and glowing. Also eating berries to get those super essential antioxidants in will make your skin shine bright like a diamond.

  6. Get a good hydrating sheet mask. I really like this one from Korean Skincare. Super hydrating and just really moisturizes your face, especially if you’ve gotten a little sun, SO GOOD!

Summer means fresh faced, dewy skin and hydration! So go ahead, get your glow up

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