Living Life in the Burg

Yes she is sleeping IN my sweater, what an angel *swoon*

Yes she is sleeping IN my sweater, what an angel *swoon*

Well here we are… how many months later? Oops… Have I made you (all 2 of my readers) alcoholics yet * refer back to that original drinking game I had in mind people * LOL? I do apologize for my silence, haven’t had much motivation to write.

Some things that have happened in my absence; I became legal in the U.S. Yay, I’ve gotten a few riding jobs to make an extra buck which has been helpful, and oh ya…Aria (that infamous puppy of mine) has learned how to open the front door. She’s a mischievous little thing isn’t she? And it didn’t happen on one or two occasions, it happened four days in a row! Dead bolt time it is.

Aside from loose puppies daily life in the Burg (Middleburg) is quite lovely indeed. Aside from the abundant amount of ponies every day this town is one of the cutest ever.

Life here is not real life. It’s like living in the world of Gossip Girl and I its avid viewer. Nothing really affects us in our posh little town. It is a different world with Fox Hunting culture taking on full force, and Hunt Balls and Galas. Black tie events galore and I’m loving every minute of it.

Hopefully this little bubble doesn’t burst soon.

Till next time,

- an inconsistent blogger

Living With...A BOY! *shriek*

Well...a lot has happened since my last post so it has been a wee bit hectic. The S.O. and I have officially moved in and I must say its definitely got its highs and lows! 

I find myself constantly doing laundry, like all the time! Boys are stinky. Also...the toilet...just why. Does pee just splatter when you boys go? And if so, why don't you clean it up right away!!! No let's just have it sit and marinate until I clean the toilet again. I know, I know, I'm making it sound just horrific... it really isn't that bad. At least I finally get my portions right when I cook! And I have someone to build all the furniture for me, yay!

He builds me things  

He builds me things  

But in all seriousness, it is definitely a new chapter, one that takes a little getting used to. It does help that we balance each other out. You have to compromise a little, but theres also so much you get out of it. One important thing; find a chore you do well and stick with it, that way your S.O. will acknowledge how good you are and be motivated to do the others..HA. No really though, split the work and you'll be just fine. It is nice to have someone to drink wine and watch trashy TV with.

At the end of the day there's no one I'd rather come home too though! 

-a relatable girl 

No place I’d rather be  

No place I’d rather be  

Sorry not sorry

Well sh*t its been about a month since I've posted I think that means you all have to drink? 

Sorry for the silence guys, been a hectic few weeks; lots of travel, competitions, packing for a big move and just trying to get life done you know? My other half and I just signed a lease on a place together so I'm getting ready for a really big and exciting change. Its a big move but I'm so excited for this next chapter! Now I'm just trying to get everything done in time. AHHHH! 


So I thought I'd just pop on here so you all know that there will be MORE coming your way, and you wont have to keep drinking because I suck and don't post for y'all...DAMN I mean YOU ALL ;) Guess I better get used to all the y'alls now! 

So to recap; I suck, if theres anybody left reading these posts I'm sorry and I will be better! I'm not quitting on this just yet ;) 


- an apologetic “blogger” 

Aging Agelessly

Okay guys, real talk time. As a horseback rider I’m outside pretty much 24/7 and not only does my skin get exposed to sun but also wind (and yes, wind burn is hella real guys).  All of this ages you and it ages you FAST! Not even kidding, not to name names but sometimes you look around the horse world and you think people are a certain age but turns out they are like half what you guessed...oops (no, kidding, but there is a definite aging factor and it isn't flattering). 

Let’s talk about sunscreen!

So the best way to prevent this horrid thing we call aging is sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! It's that simple folks. I honestly like to use sunscreen as a base for my makeup and then follow it up with this amazing mineral brush on sunscreen! Ladies, and gentlemen of course, this stuff is a godsent! I just brush this bad boy on overtop of my makeup as a setting powder and it works wonders. It's also great if you ever feel icky after applying regular sunscreen, just sprinkle some of this on and it'll soak right up. Grab a tube of this gem and throw it in your bag so you can reapply throughout the day as needed, no mess required! 

*Or you can try this mineral brush on, it's a little less $$$ and not as translucent but would work great on its own! 

This brush on is great over makeup, super translucent! 

This brush on is great over makeup, super translucent! 


Hydrate before you dehydrate

Especially during these summer months, hydration is CRUCIAL. Not to be a total hypocrite but yes I totally forget to hydrate and my skin takes the beating for it. I find that after I get home and shower I can see how dry my skin is and it definitely varies depending on my water intake throughout the day. If you hate boring water like the majority of us, I recommend throwing in either some berries, watermelon, pineapple, or simply lemon slices for a refreshing hydration boost! It is so important to hydrate because we all know that during the summer everyone heads to cottages, patios, beaches and indulge in some day drinks, so it is VITAL that you hydrate BEFORE you dehydrate! Laying out in the sun after boozing and not rehydrating = you becoming a potato crisp. HYDRATE...! Your skin and your head will thank you. 


Okay that was an icky word, but hey, it got your attention...hopefully. After your delightful days in the sun make sure you wash all that grime off your skin and moisturize. I hate anything too greasy so I prefer to use gel creams, I always feel like it just restores fresh hydration back into my skin after the day. I love this Kleem Organics retinol face cream (hurry, its on sale)! 

Here are a few other things, equestrian specific, that you can do to slow that aging down. 

  1. Wear a visor when you ride. As ugly, and I mean UGLY, as they are, they do definitely serve their purpose. I've found that the Equivisor hold up the best, and don't tend to fly off when riding during a windy day. 
  2. When you're not riding, make sure to wear a hat, especially if you don't wear sunglasses (which you most certainly should, squinting isn't cute). Anything will do; baseball cap, fedora, or a floppy sun hat, just wear it. 
  3. Ride in gloves. I know many people absolutely hate gloves, I was one of those people. But, you can protect your face all you want, it won't work if your hands give up your age! Protect that sensitive skin by throwing on some gloves. 



*Some other great sunscreen brands that work great alone or under makeup 

This ones great, gives a nice dewy glow 

This ones great, gives a nice dewy glow 

Perfect for other sensitive areas you might have, and sweatproof to boot. 

Perfect for other sensitive areas you might have, and sweatproof to boot. 

- an avid sunscreen buyer

*This post contains affiliate links, that do not affect the price of your product! I would not promote something I do not love*

Untouristy Tourist

Barcelona is for tourists

If you’ve read my bio then you know that I enjoy all things basic...just kidding! But really, as “basic” as the love of travel is, if you do it right there is nothing basic about. And no, I don’t mean staying at hostels versus hotels because IMHO you don’t have to stay in a hostel to have a relatively cheap stay. Don’t get me wrong I have a TON of friends who love the hostel life, and honestly there is something about it, especially if you’re traveling solo and looking for friends, but I have done the Europe thing with my best friend every time, so for us its been more about finding a cute little room to spend a night or two and move on!  

As the title might suggest, you can all tell how I feel about Barca. Again, nothing wrong with going there by all means...but when you’ve been to Spain countless times (okay not actually, but at least 5 lol) it gets a little boring. So hop on a train and go a little further south and you’ll find yourself in the likes of a little town called Cambrils. It’s super cute, right on the water, and the only tourists you find there are other Europeans, its amazing. And the food...OH.MY.GOD...seafood galore! Anna (bestie) and I sat down for an afternoon of proper fatting. 75 bucks and we got drinks, 2 lobsters, a fried fish, paella WITH MORE LOBSTER, and god knows what else. But to say we were ate like kings would be an understatement. And let me tell you, they would not let us leave, I’m not even kidding...they made us “do like the Spaniards do” and basically make an afternoon of it, it was glorious. 

Another cute little place is Marbella. A little more known than Cambrils, but still very quiet comapred to the bigger cities. It’s an hour plane ride from Barcelona to the bigger city of Malaga and then and hour and a half bus but well worth the trip it is absolutely stunning! You’ll find yourself surrounded by a more European crowd more than anything, and that’s better than the obnoxious (no offence) North Americans that come and visit. 

 *What NOT to do* ;) 

 *What NOT to do* ;) 

Tips for not being a basic: 

  1. Appreciate and respect the culture. Don’t stand out like a sore thumb! For something like Spain this isn’t as important, but for a place like Morocco (a place I just recently visited and HOLY SH*T it is a stunner) the culture is still very much a factor there so wear appropriate attire! I.e don’t be that basic bi*ch wearing lulu’s and a crop top LOL! 
  2. Leave the selfie stick at home! Just ask someone for a damn photo.  *Disclaimer I own a selfie stick, not once have I actually used it yet though ;)*
  3. Try and learn the language so you can at least be polite! Bestie and I frequent Spain because back in our elementary days we had to learn Spanish and it kind of stuck with both of us, her more than me (Spanish OBSESSED chica) but regardless, every time we go it’s refreshed and we can actually get around the city as well as NOT BUTCHER IT!!! So I guess the tip is, learn basic pronunciation more so than actually filling up your word bank, because they will judge and they will straight up not understand you. 
  4. Explore smaller cities and actually get rooms in those small places rather than the hub spots. You’ll be surprised how cute the “hotels” are and there is always amazing hidden restaurant gems around these places.  
  5. Don’t do the guided tours, excursions, or pub crawls. Who really wants to be smushed in like a sardine and told where to go for like 4 hours? Not these girls! 
  6. Actually eat the food!!! Don’t be afraid to try the local food and drink and expand your taste buds! Especially outside of the city, the food is so damn fresh it is unreal! Don’t stick to your classics, venture outside of your comfort zone. 
  7. Take public transport, NOT taxis. You’ll save a pretty penny, and this way you can actually see more local hub spots.  
  8. Dress nicely to the airport! Ohhhh what a pet peeve, set the stage; emerge from the plane in wait for it...a damn track suit! NO. Put a little effort in, and try to go back to the good old days (not that I would know, I’m just guessing!) but back then, the airport was a place of class! Let’s all go back to that shall we? 

Just my two cents... There’s nothing more annoying than a bunch of obnoxious, loud, and rude tourists (again, no offence) Here are a just a few tips on how NOT to be one of them! 

- an avid “European” tourist  


DON’T: do a “guided tour/excursion”... DO: go of your own will because let’s be real, it’s still fun ;)

DON’T: do a “guided tour/excursion”... DO: go of your own will because let’s be real, it’s still fun ;)

Bestie! She hates this picture so she’s going to kill me but too bad I love it xoxoxo

Bestie! She hates this picture so she’s going to kill me but too bad I love it xoxoxo

The Sahara, yeah it’s GORGEOUS

The Sahara, yeah it’s GORGEOUS

Let’s Talk about Booze!

Summer, summer, summer

Summer is here and that means fun drinks out on a patio with your friends!!! I can’t wait to do a bit of that this summer, and my absolute favourite is just sitting out in a backyard with a pool and some good music taking in the great weather. 

I wanna share a few of my favourite summer cocktails! I like to keep it light, fun, and a little bubbly ;)  


  • A classic G&T is a staple on those hot summer days! Grab your favourite gin (I prefer Hendricks or Tanqueray), splash in some tonic, and garnish with all your favourites!  

**Tip; when using Hendricks, mix half soda half tonic and garnish with cucumber to get the absolute best flavour combo!


  • Vodka lemonade is just so refreshing to sip on by the pool! Super easy to make too, just take your favourite lemonade (homemade is the best though!) and splash in your choice of vodka (I’m a Tito’s or Kettle One kinda girl)  
  • Another classic is a Greyhound; super tasty when its hot out, just mix your vodka with a little *fresh squeezed* grapefruit juice and boom, tastycakes!  **If you wanna go crazy, try splashing a little pineapple juice to the mix for a tropical twist**
  • Of course I can’t leave out a classic, The Caesar! Nothing beats those hot day sweats like a good ol’ fashioned Caesar. I like mine a little on the spicy side but for me it’s really all about the garnish! *Think anything from pickles to damn oyster towers on that glass ;)*  


  • Pama, St. Germain (because elderflower is all the rage right now, and for good reason!!!), and some prosecco...Yum, Yum, Yum! This mix is just, *Mwah, deliciosso!  
  • Mimosas by the boujee ;) or basic... haven’t decided yet! I like mine with a twist, instead of orange juice I like either a pineapple or mango, really yummy.  
Rosé all day #basic ... but also look how pretty the reflection is!!!

Rosé all day #basic ... but also look how pretty the reflection is!!!

Now of course, I’ve left out A LOT, buuuuut these are some quick and tasty picks for a patio, brunch, or just hanging by the pool! You can also grab your favourite glass of wine and sip away the day ;) It’s time to enjoy the longer days and summer breezes (oh shoot left that off the drink list haha). Grab a glass and enjoy, and of course, drink responsibly ;)!!! 

- a *not so professional* patio enthusiast  

Yes I realize I don’t have a margarita on this list, but come on..? Amateur hour! That’s a given, no need to share that one ;) 

Yes I realize I don’t have a margarita on this list, but come on..? Amateur hour! That’s a given, no need to share that one ;)