Finding Balance

It seems to me that we all sometimes find it difficult to find balance in our lives, especially when you live a not so typical life; like do I sleep, study, or go eat oysters...well that’s an obvious one duh, but you get the point ;)

But in all seriousness trying to balance a long distance relationship, riding horses at the professional level, and attempting to get a degree in school (at this point any degree will suffice) is a lot more tiring than I would’ve imagined! I definitely have days where there is absolutely ZERO motivation for anything and I feel like a sack of sh*t, excuse the expression.

I love having a busy life and I’m always looking to tackle more! But sometimes, as I lay limp (back to that zero motivation) and see my reflection in my screen during a Netflix binge, I just wonder what the hell I’m doing!

I think keeping busy is super satisfying, and I’m learning how to properly manage my life so that I can enjoy everything without feeling overwhelmed. Starting this blog is one of the ways that I’m trying to stay balanced...actual me time, not Netflix “me time”. Like I said, I’m not the best at keeping up with things, but I hope to change that with this blog!

I always want to do more, see more, and be more but sometimes I lose sight of how I can actually do it all... I think the moment you find your balance, you become a better YOU, and who doesn’t want that?!




- A *hopefully* Better Me