Living Life in the Burg

Yes she is sleeping IN my sweater, what an angel *swoon*

Yes she is sleeping IN my sweater, what an angel *swoon*

Well here we are… how many months later? Oops… Have I made you (all 2 of my readers) alcoholics yet * refer back to that original drinking game I had in mind people * LOL? I do apologize for my silence, haven’t had much motivation to write.

Some things that have happened in my absence; I became legal in the U.S. Yay, I’ve gotten a few riding jobs to make an extra buck which has been helpful, and oh ya…Aria (that infamous puppy of mine) has learned how to open the front door. She’s a mischievous little thing isn’t she? And it didn’t happen on one or two occasions, it happened four days in a row! Dead bolt time it is.

Aside from loose puppies daily life in the Burg (Middleburg) is quite lovely indeed. Aside from the abundant amount of ponies every day this town is one of the cutest ever.

Life here is not real life. It’s like living in the world of Gossip Girl and I its avid viewer. Nothing really affects us in our posh little town. It is a different world with Fox Hunting culture taking on full force, and Hunt Balls and Galas. Black tie events galore and I’m loving every minute of it.

Hopefully this little bubble doesn’t burst soon.

Till next time,

- an inconsistent blogger