Sorry not sorry

Well sh*t its been about a month since I've posted I think that means you all have to drink? 

Sorry for the silence guys, been a hectic few weeks; lots of travel, competitions, packing for a big move and just trying to get life done you know? My other half and I just signed a lease on a place together so I'm getting ready for a really big and exciting change. Its a big move but I'm so excited for this next chapter! Now I'm just trying to get everything done in time. AHHHH! 


So I thought I'd just pop on here so you all know that there will be MORE coming your way, and you wont have to keep drinking because I suck and don't post for y'all...DAMN I mean YOU ALL ;) Guess I better get used to all the y'alls now! 

So to recap; I suck, if theres anybody left reading these posts I'm sorry and I will be better! I'm not quitting on this just yet ;) 


- an apologetic “blogger”