Aging Agelessly

Okay guys, real talk time. As a horseback rider I’m outside pretty much 24/7 and not only does my skin get exposed to sun but also wind (and yes, wind burn is hella real guys).  All of this ages you and it ages you FAST! Not even kidding, not to name names but sometimes you look around the horse world and you think people are a certain age but turns out they are like half what you guessed...oops (no, kidding, but there is a definite aging factor and it isn't flattering). 

Let’s talk about sunscreen!

So the best way to prevent this horrid thing we call aging is sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! It's that simple folks. I honestly like to use sunscreen as a base for my makeup and then follow it up with this amazing mineral brush on sunscreen! Ladies, and gentlemen of course, this stuff is a godsent! I just brush this bad boy on overtop of my makeup as a setting powder and it works wonders. It's also great if you ever feel icky after applying regular sunscreen, just sprinkle some of this on and it'll soak right up. Grab a tube of this gem and throw it in your bag so you can reapply throughout the day as needed, no mess required! 

*Or you can try this mineral brush on, it's a little less $$$ and not as translucent but would work great on its own! 

This brush on is great over makeup, super translucent! 

This brush on is great over makeup, super translucent! 


Hydrate before you dehydrate

Especially during these summer months, hydration is CRUCIAL. Not to be a total hypocrite but yes I totally forget to hydrate and my skin takes the beating for it. I find that after I get home and shower I can see how dry my skin is and it definitely varies depending on my water intake throughout the day. If you hate boring water like the majority of us, I recommend throwing in either some berries, watermelon, pineapple, or simply lemon slices for a refreshing hydration boost! It is so important to hydrate because we all know that during the summer everyone heads to cottages, patios, beaches and indulge in some day drinks, so it is VITAL that you hydrate BEFORE you dehydrate! Laying out in the sun after boozing and not rehydrating = you becoming a potato crisp. HYDRATE...! Your skin and your head will thank you. 


Okay that was an icky word, but hey, it got your attention...hopefully. After your delightful days in the sun make sure you wash all that grime off your skin and moisturize. I hate anything too greasy so I prefer to use gel creams, I always feel like it just restores fresh hydration back into my skin after the day. I love this Kleem Organics retinol face cream (hurry, its on sale)! 

Here are a few other things, equestrian specific, that you can do to slow that aging down. 

  1. Wear a visor when you ride. As ugly, and I mean UGLY, as they are, they do definitely serve their purpose. I've found that the Equivisor hold up the best, and don't tend to fly off when riding during a windy day. 
  2. When you're not riding, make sure to wear a hat, especially if you don't wear sunglasses (which you most certainly should, squinting isn't cute). Anything will do; baseball cap, fedora, or a floppy sun hat, just wear it. 
  3. Ride in gloves. I know many people absolutely hate gloves, I was one of those people. But, you can protect your face all you want, it won't work if your hands give up your age! Protect that sensitive skin by throwing on some gloves. 



*Some other great sunscreen brands that work great alone or under makeup 

This ones great, gives a nice dewy glow 

This ones great, gives a nice dewy glow 

Perfect for other sensitive areas you might have, and sweatproof to boot. 

Perfect for other sensitive areas you might have, and sweatproof to boot. 

- an avid sunscreen buyer

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