Wish List 101

Ta-Da… as promised in my previous post I’m making a list of “cry-worthy” gifts to send to your S.O. , family member, or best friend!

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More wine for everyone to enjoy!

More wine for everyone to enjoy!

  1. One of the greatest gifts I have given my man was a personalized canvas of his Golden Retriever that had recently passed :( She was a beauty. It was one of the most personal gifts I could have gotten him. If you have someone in your life that you want to really impress try a personalized canvas of a pet, moment or just you two! I used TouchNote and was incredibly pleased, it was truly a gorgeous gift.

  2. Wine, wine, wine, wine! How have I not mentioned this yet…? A wine subscription is an easy, yet great gift. You can pick and choose or make it a surprise. It’s a great gift for the wino in your life. Winc has a great subscription with awesome choices. And if you use this link you get 20$ off your first order! A gift for them and a gift for you ;)

  3. Another great gift, that is totally customizable I should add, was this wonderful LoveBook I got to make. It was sweet and simple, yet so meaningful. Make it for a spouse, best friend, or family member!

  4. DIY; always a great choice. Create something cute and memorable that shows you put effort and thought into their Christmas this year. A box of memories, a custom photo frame, or even a scrapbook all make great, easy and simple gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

Whatever you get your favourite people, you know they will love it no matter what so just make sure you enjoy the holidays and be merry…and drunk ;)