Bath tubs and naps anybody there? I hope so, but I highly doubt it.  

I love the idea that at the start of a blog, when there is no traction, you have free rein! Writing about absolutely anything can be quite liberating. But in a way, isn’t that how it should be anyways? We should be able to write about anything, as long as we enjoy doing it. 

I think at the start, writing without one specific direction is probably a good idea...but what the hell do I know, I’m only guessing. So while I try and build up some content and find my voice, it will be random rants about who knows what, so yay enjoy that (oh wait, nobody is actually reading this hahah). 

Off to eat some ice cream while watching Meryl Streep movies in tub while I wait for traffic to die down... genius I know right?



 - a tired girl with a not so busy life