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Trying to be techy...and failing HARD

Trying to be techy...and failing HARD

Hey guys! So I’ve done it, I am attempting to publish my first blog post and probably failing miserably, but hey that’s what you’re here for right? Watching my failed attempts, because I bet we can make a fun drinking game out of it! 

Here are the rules: 

1) take one shot every time my blog has a glitch

2) have a glass of wine when the posts just suck

3) crush a whole bottle if I just stop posting all together

Hahah, no but seriously I have a real problem with starting something and never finishing, so here it is; my real attempt at trying to keep things going and to keep them lighthearted, real and possibly funny?!? Eek... 


That’s it for now, excuse me please while I go and try to figure out how this whole blogging things works! 


an incompetent blogger 

Finding Balance

Finding Balance