I was born in Moscow, Russia and moved over to Toronto, Canada in 1998. My childhood was spent being very active, I always wanted to try something new. I get bored easily so I bounced between ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and then took a turn and tried gymnastics and then tennis… All was way too boring for me, although I always did enjoy doing all these activities when I went away to summer camps. Thanks to my best friend I finally tried something I truly loved, horseback riding and particularly three day eventing, and let me tell you for the last 10 years I have NOT been bored! I’ve also recently started dabbling in some modelling and focusing my time on writing.

This blog is to express my thoughts, opinions, and any questions you may have. A place for positive thoughts and an outlet for emotions. I like to keep things real, fun and light.

Xx, a real girl living in a real world